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Easy Produce Prep Tips and Techniques

Buying & Storing
Veggies by Month, Produce Shelf Life Guide, How to Store Herbs

Produce Prep Guide
Learn how to easily and efficiently prep veggies and fresh herbs

Sauteing is a quick and simple way to cook produce while keeping lots of flavor and texture.

Whether you’re trying to get dinner on the table in the shortest amount of time possible, or use up some veggies in our fridge, stir-fries are the way to go.

Roasting in the oven can draw out the natural sweetness of veggies with very low effort.

Grilling is a simple, elegant way to prepare vegetables and highlight their natural flavors. Use this method whether the veggies are the main event or just a side dish.

Salads are easy to throw together, you can use whatever is in your fridge or pantry, and it requires no cooking. But eventually you either run out of ideas or get bored with eating a bunch of raw veggies. Here are tips to make salads even tastier, healthier, and overall, more enjoyable.

Pureeing for Soups
Pureeing vegetables is a simple way to transform produce into a flavorful, satisfying soup.

Guide to Enjoying Veggies
Once you master how to prep produce, all you need to learn is how to cook these veggies, so that you can enjoy a simple, healthy, and delicious meal. Different cooking methods can change the flavor and texture of veggies. Try cooking vegetables in a variety of ways so that you can discover your favorite way to eat them! 


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